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A Train to Somewhere/Early Signs of Trouble Ahead

[Two posts here,as the first was rather short] Just back from walking through a steady, light drizzle across the road to the mailbox where I found nothing much of interest besides the latest Smithsonian, one of the magazines we both … Continue reading

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It’s either cool or cold today according to your frame of mind.  I won’t choose.  It is somewhere in between.  No sun and a steady drizzling rain that might develop into something more significant.  Reports of street flooding in town, … Continue reading

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Two Worlds

Another rainy fall day.  Turning colors on trees becoming more vibrant and worth a drive up the Peninsula to witness, but rain has dampened the leaf peepers’ enthusiasm today so I made an uneventful crossing to our mailbox, only to … Continue reading

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Just back from town for weekly grocery shopping.  At the butcher shop one of the clerks asked after Carol.  We always used to food shop together, and this person hadn’t realized that I had been coming by myself for some … Continue reading

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A Down Staircase

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Just finished my Sunday night television watching, a mix of baseball playoffs and Masterpiece Theater.  Sitting in our tv room I was keenly aware of  the empty chair next to mine where Carol would sit on these Sunday evenings, and … Continue reading

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Sackett Street

{Note: I have been posting in the chronology of the writing, so that the posts have appeared later than the actual time of composition.  However, for this post I am ignoring that chronology in favor of thematic consistency  by putting … Continue reading

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Carol That Was, Carol That Is

Coming on midnight after a long and mostly difficult day, as Carol was in a combative mood.  The day was brightened in the afternoon by my walk next door for lunch and conversation hosted by my neighbors Amy and Brad.  … Continue reading

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Afternoon. I am back on my perch in the living room while Carol is on hers, sleeping noisily on the couch.  It is a fall day outside, gray and rainy, the leaves on  the abundant and ancient maples on our … Continue reading

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Caller ID

For now, back into my long established writing slot of late at night—it is now coming on eleven o’clock—when the house is quiet.  The dog has settled into her bed, Carol is sleeping, albeit restlessly, on the couch, and I … Continue reading

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An Explanation

Regular readers of these posts will perhaps notice occasional time references that do not match the date of the posting.  I don’t know if this discrepancy is bothersome, but I thought it a good idea to explain why it happens. … Continue reading

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