No Surrender

After midnight Sunday night.  I have been busy the past few days working on my new writing opportunity as a columnist for the local newspaper.  It is important for me so to do to maintain the semblance of balance in … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name and A Squeeze of the Hand

Monday night.  Ryan came by for dinner and I retrieved a pizza from town.  Carol, as usual, enjoyed a couple of slices although I reminded her this pizza was not from our beloved Papa Nick back on Long Island. This … Continue reading

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Two Minus One Still Equals Two

Wednesday evening after a freakish weather day, more like mid-summer with a thunderstorm and winds, and  another storm brewing outside.  We had a good, quiet day  in spite of the weather, of which Carol seemed unaware. On Saturday, when it … Continue reading

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A Cold Winter Ahead

Thursday night. Classical music from WSHU in my ear buds.  Carol in bed, but not yet fully asleep. She breathes loudly through her mouth.  I imagine her nose is stuffed.  Nothing I can do about that. And the sound reasserts … Continue reading

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