Of Then, Now, and the Future

In the community library on Thursday afternoon. With my computer on my lap, I have just finished an edit of the post that I will publish Saturday morning.  My neighbor, a senior citizen of my vintage, sitting to my left … Continue reading

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Just Letting It Be

Sunday night a little after midnight.  The dog is snoring loudly, an uneven accompaniment to “After Hours” played by Gillespie and the two Sonnys, Stitt and Rollins, in my earbuds from Pandora.  It’s been a quiet weekend with a little … Continue reading

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Her Book

Monday night.  Jazz from KNKX in my earbuds.  The dog slurping water from her dish.  Carol quietly and peacefully asleep, which is both welcome and a bit unusual. Spent the day in the house with the electric heater trying to … Continue reading

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