An Explanation

Regular readers of these posts will perhaps notice occasional time references that do not match the date of the posting.  I don’t know if this discrepancy is bothersome, but I thought it a good idea to explain why it happens.

I began writing this journal some time before beginning the blog.  Consequently, I have much more material than it seems reasonable to post in big servings.  Instead, I am extracting and posting shorter sections.  In fact, that is how I have been writing them, aiming for a certain self-contained rhythm of beginning, middle, and end.

To complicate matters, I sometimes write up what will become a post, but is not yet ready for prime time.  I put those into a separate list to which I return from time to time.  The Two Steves was one of those

So now, if there is a foot of snow on the actual ground when the post mentions the fall leaves turning, or a reference to a sport event long past, you will understand.  Those kinds of references occur primarily, but not exclusively in the italicized material in which I provide the actual time and place of where I was when I was writing what follows.

Whether I ever catch up to the point where what I am writing gets posted pretty much at the same time is an open question.  My intent is to keep this journal/blog going as my title suggests as a contemporaneous record.  My writing is just that, but the posting lags behind.

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