An Explanation

Regular readers of these posts will perhaps notice occasional time references that do not match the date of the posting.  I don’t know if this discrepancy is bothersome, but I thought it a good idea to explain why it happens.

I began writing this journal some time before beginning the blog.  Consequently, I have much more material than it seems reasonable to post in big servings.  Instead, I am extracting and posting shorter sections.  In fact, that is how I have been writing them, aiming for a certain self-contained rhythm of beginning, middle, and end.

To complicate matters, I sometimes write up what will become a post, but is not yet ready for prime time.  I put those into a separate list to which I return from time to time.  The Two Steves was one of those

So now, if there is a foot of snow on the actual ground when the post mentions the fall leaves turning, or a reference to a sport event long past, you will understand.  Those kinds of references occur primarily, but not exclusively in the italicized material in which I provide the actual time and place of where I was when I was writing what follows.

Whether I ever catch up to the point where what I am writing gets posted pretty much at the same time is an open question.  My intent is to keep this journal/blog going as my title suggests as a contemporaneous record.  My writing is just that, but the posting lags behind.

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  1. Kathleen flores says:

    Steve, I am just glad to have a glimpse of carol,s world. I can,t imagine what you are going through. I know when my friend diane,s husband had dementia it was a nightmare to say the least. I went with her one time , I believe it was tender care facility, and he could not even sit up. They were married more than 30 years. They let her bring her pug dog, and the office had pugs. It seemed to bring the spirits up. Carol had a black lab named Quigley. I wonder. So, take care seems like nothing, but carol definately has a wonderful husband!! I know you have hard decisions ahead of you. Nobody should have to go through this, but here we are .lots of hugs to you!

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